“Set against a background of gated atmospheric pads and a solid hip hop beat, the deep flowing bass lines, blend nicely with the catchy & pleasantly rhythmic chordal guitar work. The ariose, charismatic & captivating vocals of Ayla will have you reaching for the play it again button.”

Bringing together a brilliant blend of flowing organic sounds with gritty electronica, Forrest Run’s bouncy, effervescent pop is laced with dark mystery.

Pushing out a sound bigger than acts twice their size, this quirky trio lay out atmospheric beds, with massive hip hop beats, along with vocalist Ayla’s saccharine melodies being the cherry on top.

For an act that has only been around since 2019, Forrest Run have matured sonically since their debut release, with the upcoming single displaying a darker, larger sound, while still retaining the catchy pop hooks the act have become known for.

While the debut EP was centred around falling apart, expect the upcoming release to pick up the pieces and move forward, while giving hints reminiscent of London Grammar, Naked & Famous, and Vallis Alps.

We have heard the future of electronic hip-pop, and that sound is Forrest Run.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 15, 2021

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