“Imagine the night sky strewn with stars sparkling in the distance. Their faint light ignites warm rays of hope inside you, instilling a light and pleasant melancholy into your weary souls. A beautiful Neoclassical production with amazing vocals.”

“Представьте себе ночное небо усыпанное сверкающими в дали звёздами, их неотразимый свет зажигает внутри вас тёплые лучи надежды, вселяя в ваши утомившиеся души лёгкую и приятную меланхолию. Прекрасное неоклассическое полотно с потрясающим вокалом.”

Fyfe and Iskra Strings today share a fresh glimpse into their eagerly anticipated ‘Interiority’ album by sharing the brand new track ‘Night Sky’. Set to be released on June 10th, ‘Interiority’ will be the duo’s first full album together after previously releasing two self-titled EPs, which were combined in 2019’s ‘Extended Play’ collection.

‘Night Sky’ perfectly encapsulates the duo’s ability to conjure evocative images with their multi-textured soundscapes. Initially the song establishes that nocturnal mood by drawing heavily on Iskra Strings’ neo-classical roots. Suddenly and surprisingly it takes flight, with swooning vocal layers and increasingly bombastic strings adding an adventurous streak to its beguiling beauty. Listen HERE.

‘Night Sky’ is indicative of the broad scope of the ‘Interiority’ album. It’s a track that offers something completely different to the existential, ethereal alt-kilter pop of the previously released title track or the hypnotically haunting ‘’, which features Mysie. Despite those sonic differences, there’s a cohesive sense of boundary-breaking throughout, especially with the input of further special guests including Ghostpoet, Rae Morris, Aquilo and Kelly Lee Owens.

‘Interiority’ is available to pre-order or pre-save HERE.

All vinyl copies of the album will be produced using recycled vinyl. The Super Deluxe package is also sure to be a future collectors’ item. Limited to just 25 copies, it features a section of the original painting of the album’s sleeve which will be signed by artist Dan Whiteson; a personal handwritten note from Fyfe & Iskra Strings; and copies of the album on both vinyl and CD.

While ‘Interiority’ often pulsates with an otherworldly ambience, the duo’s back story is completely down-to-earth. The duo first met in the London suburb of Acton almost twenty years ago, when Iskra Strings (James Underwood) was hired to give Fyfe (Paul Dixon) violin lessons. They remained friends as their careers took off: Iskra Strings becoming a go-to collaborator for the likes of The xx, Maribou State and Sufjan Stevens, while Fyfe released acclaimed solo albums such as ‘Control’ and ‘The Space Between’. Their collaboration on ‘Extended Play’ showed the endless possibilities that could come with a full album project together – and that will be fully realised with the release of ‘Interiority’.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 24, 2022

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