“Surprises how much the combination of such genres, as Indie Folk and Dream Pop, is harmonized with each other. Gentle female vocals and a very pleasant melody, light, not straining motive causes a sincere smile on his face. The song is a little naive, in the best meaning of this word. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Удивляет, насколько сочетание таких жанров, как Indie Folk и Dream Pop гармонируют друг с другом. Нежный женский вокал и очень приятная мелодия, лёгкий, не напрягающий мотив вызывает на лице искреннюю улыбку. Песня немного наивная, в самом лучшем значении этого слова.”

Internationally collaborative electro-pop project Gates of Light have today released dreamy new single Belleville Sun via Shimmy Disc. The single is accompanied by a video by award winning Scottish director Grant McPhee (Teenage Superstars, Big Gold Dream, Far From The Apple Tree). Featuring Louise in Glasgow’s breathtaking Necropolis cemetery and Kid Loco in Paris’s Père Lachaise Cemetery, the video was shot across two cities by Grant and French director Mathieu Kauffmann on a 1963 Eclair 16mm for a stunning retro feel.

Today’s new single release precedes the vinyl edition of their debut album of the same name on 29th April. Inspired by the intensity of lockdown, the 10-track project was originally released last year and was the result of a collaboration between five artists across four cities, three time zones and two continents.

Featuring the combined award-winning talents of singer-songwriter Louise Quinn and producer/musician Bal Cooke (Glasgow), producer/ DJ Scott Fraser (London), producer/ DJ Kid Loco (Paris) and film/art director Tim Saccenti (New York). The group came together remotely, after the pandemic arrived and countless gigs were cancelled, to make a sensory reflection of lockdown experiences in a psychedelic, dream-pop glitch landscape of future folk.

Louise and Bal are a Glasgow based husband and wife team who have worked together for many years releasing records as A Band Called Quinn and DAWNINGS. Madonna once described Louise’s voice as ‘wonderful’ and best selling Scottish crime writer and music fan Ian Rankin wrote liner notes for one of her albums.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 22, 2022

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