“Composition -Icarus- filled with one of the most divine stringed musical instrument - the harp. Synthesis of experimental electronics, outstanding vocals from -Giudi- and stunningly beautiful melodies.”

“Композиция -Icarus- наполнена одним из самых божественных струнным музыкальным инструментом - арфой. Синтез из экспериментальной электроники, выдающегося вокала -Giudi- и потрясающе красивой мелодии.”

Along with her new single “Icarus”, groundbreaking Alt Pop artist Giudi (pronounced “Judy”) unveils her fully digital identity.

Releasing her hauntingly beautiful song of loss and pain featuring Italian harpist Nunzia del Popolo and the ethereal textural electronics by noted glitch pop UK artist Space Candy and American producer Nic Coolidge.

A warm juxtaposition between the past of the classical harp and the modern starkness of the digital world, a cinematic atmospheric future pop masterpiece that creates one of the most moving songs of the current era.

For Icarus (Piano Nocturne in Emin), Giudi collaborates with Award winning modern classical pianist and soundtrack/TV composer Karel Havlíček for a magical piano interpretation.

On her avatar she says “I wanted to explore my digital identity, because my avatar magnifies my life. Feeling totally free to travel through the different dimensional layers of my mind and to be free to express my creativity especially in this tough period when it becomes hard to physically meet with all my team for a shooting for example. My digital avatar plays a significant role in my virtual presence image. I enjoy so much the tension between the limits and boundaries of the real and virtual world.”

Currently working with fashion brands in Europe and the USA on digital and sustainable clothing, Giudi is an EU promoted INES and Europavox artist for 2021-22


One of the most creative artists currently in music Alt Pop star Giudi combines music with fashion and visual arts, featuring issues such as sustainable Fashion and Diversity in society.

She has toured across Europe, much in demand as featured performer at many international fashion events as well as music festivals, her music is played on radio stations in over 50 countries on 5 continents.


Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 5, 2021

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