“A very interesting symbiosis of rhythm polyrhythmy and vocal images. The new work from the Italian duo GLISZ – Himba will remain a favorite in your collection for a long time.”

“Очень интересный симбиоз полиритмии ритма и вокальных образов. Новая работа от итальянского дуэта GLISZ – Himba надолго останется фаворитом в вашей коллекции.”

After “Hunt”, “Himba” is the second lo-fi release by Glisz that comes out this year. The track is a mystical journey dominated by percussion which reminds of tribal sounds.

Glisz is an Italian duo born in 2019, characterized by a fusion between electronic and downtempo sounds. Their debut EP, “Bloom EP”, has been well received by the audience, reaching almost 100k streams in the first six months.

Glisz is a newcomer Italian duo born in 2019, characterized by a fusion between electronic and downtempo sounds. After years spent producing for several music projects, the duo makes its official debut with “Bloom EP”. Azhar, Keraal, Organica and Shadows are the four tracks composing the Ep. Common features characterize them such as the ambient sound and the sense of restless energy, transmitted in different ways. The combination of these contrasting details creates a fascinating final result. These tracks will bring you into another dimension, an abstract journey through the essence of music.

Glisz started their musical career in an electronic band which reached the MTV New Generation Artist in 2015. Thanks to this recognition, they spread their music in different clubs and events, worked with international artists and got in touch with music gurus, such as Dave Isaac, Francis Buckley, Crookers, Adam Kagan, who taught them a lot about mixing, mastering and music production.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
January 26, 2021

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