“The present indicator of musicians talent, whose genius is to create music that will not fit into the framework of a single style. Here, in -Boxing Underwater- we can find genres such as Electro Pop and Indie Electronic, but -Golding- and -Cailin Russo-, turned out to create their own special atmosphere.”

“Настоящий показатель таланта музыкантов, их гениальности - это создать музыку, которая не будет вписываться в рамки ни одного стиля. Да, безусловно, в -Boxing Underwater- присутствую такие жанры, как Electro Pop и Indie Electronic, но у -Golding- и -Cailin Russo- получилось создать свою, особую атмосферу. ”


“Boxing Underwater” sees the pair – comprising Jay Bainbridge and Matt Bartlem – working with US artist Cailin Russo to create the uplifting, melodic single which sees razor-sharp production, slick musicianship, and clever lyrical turns coming together to create an impressive pop tune. Co-written with Jarryd James, Golding explains that its arrival is something of a special moment for the pair, having admired James’ work for many years.

“Jarryd has always been a huge inspiration and someone I’ve looked up to as an artist,” Bainbridge explains. “He’s always encouraged me to explore my musical freedoms and demonstrated the idea of ‘you can do anything’, there’s no rules in songwriting. To finally be creating in a room with him was a special moment for me.”

Likewise, Bainbridge looks at their collaboration with Cailin Russo as the missing piece that the track needed, with her almost ethereal voice managing to seamlessly lay atop a hypnotic instrumental bed, taking it from an impressive tune to a world-beating classic.

“We didn’t realise that the song could grow even more until Cailin came on to feature,” Bainbridge explains. “I’ve been a fan of Cailin’s music for years and have always had her in the back of my mind as someone I’d like to work with. Her vocals really helped set the tone and the mood of the song, all the pieces fell into place.”

With the meaning of the track itself is kept somewhat vague on purpose, the accompanying video clip adds something in the way of context. With Nicholas Stevens on filming and directorial duties, the video is a beautifully engaging piece of work that complements the track perfectly.

“It was really important to us to show varying sides of relationships, not just the good but the bad too,” Bartlem notes. “We wanted to capture the emotion of a real relationship so we were lucky enough to have real-life couple Mikalah and Zohar star in the clip, you can truly feel the love and chemistry between them as you watch the video unfold.”