“Immutable, timeless classics, which has for many years caresses our hearts and souls, wishing Buona Sera to all of us. Top production! ”

“Незыблемая, нестареющая классика, которая вот уже на протяжение долгих лет ласкает наши души и сердца, желая всем нам Buona Sera.”

The Romanian producers Marco & Seba, who are behind the Gran Error project, collaborated with Alfie Arcuri, the winner of The Voice Australia 2016, and together bring a fresh and modern remake of one of the most famous classic songs, Buona Sera, sung in its original version by Dean Martin and Louis Parma. The song reminds us of the exciting encounters on the dance floor, sexy and upbeat, but also romantic and energizing. Buona Sera breathes rhythm and incites people to dance.

Internationally acclaimed producers Marco&Seba are behind the Gran Error project. The duo has had their tracks sung by artists such as Nicki Minaj, Nick Jonas or Akon and have worked with the producers of Kesha, Pitbull, Flo-Rida, David Guetta, Justin Biber or Jason Derulo.

They are also behind INNA’s greatest hits and have had numerous local and international #1s on radio and digital charts. Throughout their career, they have been awarded over 30 distinctions and nominated for more than 50, to name a few: Mtv Europe Musc Awards – Best Romanian Act for “Hot”; Eska Music Awards – Best International Song, Viva Comet – Special International, etc. Some of the major highlights in their career are: three Top 40 UK tracks , #1 Dance Billboard track and five Top #5 France tracks.

In 2019, the duo decided to expand their horizons and start a new project: GRAN ERROR. Their first single, released in 2019, “Pa Mi” feat Spania 99 managed to gather more than 7.5 million views on a brand new Youtube Channel and took the club scene by storm. They are now back with yet another hit banger: Runnin’.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
December 16, 2020

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