“One of the deepest songs in which the voice of “Grazia Di Michele” sounds very sophisticated. Its timbre gives you goosebumps, reflecting the beauty of the singer’s soul. Music, whose melody is filled with light and goodness.”

“Одна из самых глубоких песен, в которой голос -Grazia Di Michele- звучит очень утончённо. Её тембр пробирает до мурашек, отражая всю красоту вокала и души исполнительницы. Музыка, чья мелодия наполнена светом и добром.”

This song is a mantra that invites you to discover the unique beauty that is in each of us.

Singer songwriter, music therapist, vocal coach, actress. In over 30 years of her career, which began at Folkstudio and continued with the most important experiences in music and theater, she has traveled many artistic and scientific paths, all linked to music. Her artistic work has been featured in the most prestigious Festivals as well as in relevant international places (such as the UN Headquarters in 2005, singing the Italo Calvino’s songs), in successful tour (like the one of 2003 together with Toquinho), and the intense discography and theatrical activities. She has written hundreds of songs for other artists, produced young talents, she collaborated with numerous musicians. Among these Nicolette Larson, Randy Crawford, Eugenio Finardi, Cristiano De Andrè, Pierangelo Bertoli, Rossana Casale, Ornella Vanoni, Toquinho, Tosca, Lucio Fabbri, Luca Madonia, Massimo Ranieri, Terje Nordgarden, Mario Venuti, Paolo Di Sabatino, Ivan Segreto, Mariella Nava. In more recent times she intensified her educational activities, which began at the University of Music and continued as a teacher and director of the singing course at conservatories and academies, as well as in the television talent school of “Amici” and “Pequenos gigantes”. She was four times in the Sanremo Festival (the most popular music Festival in Italy), once she was ranked third in the competition and once winning two special awards for the lyrics and for her interpretation.

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March 4, 2022

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