“-Golden- is the synthesis of simple, but very deep Electro Pop rhythms. A combination with spiritual vocals filled with meaning words, which are triggered as a lightning strike. Bright and dynamic work that also beats exactly in target!”

“-Golden- это синтез простых, но очень глубоких ритмов Electro Pop, а в сочетание с душевным вокалом и наполненными смыслом текстами срабатывает как удар молнии - ярко, динамично и бьёт точно в цель!”


Artist shared with Nagamag few words behind this inspiration:

"”It’s almost like those times before were the golden days.”

Those words came from someone who gradually became a passing acquaintance in my life. He was alluding that our early days of friendship were better than the months after when we had succumbed to the heart as brief lovers. So I asked myself: had this period of my life really been fractured into two eras? Was either time period ever golden? Or could all of it have been?

While this song may have been inspired by the musings of a past connection, I realized that there have been many times I’ve separated my life into their own golden eras. Instead of viewing life as one conscious stream of events that are constantly building upon each other, we pinpoint these life changing moments and chase those perceived golden days with white-knuckled resistance. That’s when I decided to dust off my guitar after a 5 year hiatus from music and wrote Golden."