“Stop here get listen, see! The quality of sound, the vocal performance, facial expressions and movement blended together entrancing, creating a quality pop song that flows easy and become your new favorite, makes 3.11 pass fast, let’s repeat! ”

HAYL shared with us few words about this song:
“Love me for me and if you won’t, I will.” A boy I briefly dated was convinced I needed his help to be a better version of myself. Everything he wanted to change about me was everything I loved most. Fully embracing who I was, flaws and all, felt more important than compromising to fit his agenda, so obviously I ended it. People will have opinions of you. Only you get to decide which ones count. “I Will” is a reminder you should never change for anyone—you are deserving of love no matter what.

Nashville-based indie pop artist and songwriter, HAYL, strives for you to feel the realness of life with her music. Her emotionally-rich lyrics express to listeners the braveness of vulnerability.

HAYL grew up in a small Florida beach town with two sisters, one of whom is non-verbal and on the autism spectrum. Expressing feelings was always a struggle for HAYL because she didn’t want to disrupt the peace within her household. Since a young age, writing songs and playing music became a remedy to that. In 2017, she gave up a corporate job at the PGA TOUR and moved to Nashville, TN to pursue her musical dream as a solo artist, as well as co-writing for other artists.

HAYL has worked tirelessly to create a unique sound that showcases ethereal vocals and moody instrumentals, with production that is both springy and modern, creating a new sound that is catching people’s attention within the music industry and reaching listeners around the world.

“I love having deep conversations with people, and I want my music to be just that; everything from love and happiness, to hurt, struggle, jealousy and so much more, because we’re all human…well most of us.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
November 29, 2020

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