“The neoclassical composition Fragment, leaves an indelible imprint of emotion. Classic for the genre with atmosphere of serenity and impatience. Hideyuki Hashimoto is a wizard in this peaceful sounds.”

“Неоклассическая композиция Fragment с одноимённого, расширенного сингла, отставляет неизгладимый отпечаток эмоций. Классическая для жанра атмосфера спокойствия и безмятежности. Hideyuki Hashimoto - маг и волшебник в мире грёз.”

The second release in 2021 by Hideyuki Hashimoto are three improvisation tracks, these songs are recorded in his room in different seasons.

(2020 winter, 2020 summer and 2021 winter)

This “Fragment” is the newest recorded in the winter of 2021. It played by improvisation like a diary, it remains as a fragment of memory.

We hope that the intimate atmosphere will bring people closer to life.

These songs were mastered by ET Mastering, who also worked on works such as Nils Frahm etc…

Hideyuki Hashimoto (b. 1986) is a pianist/composer, currently based in Kagawa Japan. He utilizes space in his improvisational performances and composition. His music has a delicate spacial beauty with a feel of vivid imagery and has been appreciated as a work of superiority in an array of reviews published both in Japan and abroad.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 3, 2021

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