“The atmosphere of this indie pop track will be responding in your heart with great warmth. A simple melody in which a charming and sincere wybe is felt, which helps to turn off the consciousness and enjoy something calm and surreal.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Атмосфера этого Indie Pop трека отзовётся в вашем сердце с большой теплотой. Простая мелодия, в которой чувствуется чарующий и душевный вайб, который помогает выключить сознание и насладиться чем-то спокойным и ирреальным.”


no worries is a vibe-drenched lofi slow-burn, floating the empty space that lingers when a lover is gone for good… It delivers a gut-punch of 90s-inspired slowcore introspection, awash with luscious vocals and grainy atmospheric guitars • Inspired by the success of their debut album ‘Get a Life’, Human Barbie spent the following year isolated in a Baltimore warehouse, exploring new sounds and absorbing the gritty darkness of a world in turmoil. The resulting EP, ‘no worries’, channels the bittersweet nostalgia of 90’s-era shoegaze with the heartfelt simplicity of Human Barbie’s signature sound. ’no worries’ is patient and expansive, and paints a shimmering portrait of a restless heart, yearning for something more…