I Am Waiting for You Last Summer – ​​Foundation

I Am Waiting for You Last Summer – ​​Foundation (Spotify)

This track is a a part of EP "Turn off the lights for the next 20 minutes"

Turn off the lights for the next 20 minutes is a kind of mechanism with a manual attached to it. Its main function is to start the listener's journey through the gates of their consciousness in search of figural, figurative and abstract artifacts. It can be fragmentary memories, moments of insight, random visual images, short bursts of sensations and feelings caused by long-forgotten events emerging from the depths of memory, places, smells, and social contacts. A short briefing tells three things: to achieve the maximum effect, the album should be listened to alone, with the lights off, with a couple of minutes in silence on top of it (this is important).

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 8, 2020

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