“Levees from Ivory Woods is not your average guitar focus vocal song. wins you on first seconds with his soft as cloud or air atmospheric vocal performance and beautiful lyrics. The guitar line follows gently and right recorded, erupting this blend into a unique minimal beauty. A beauty which is hard to define without listen, is something that comes from inside. ”

Levees is part two of the series of home recordings called Timberline. The series is to fill gaps between official releases and the songs are all recorded in my bedroom with my dog sleeping at my feet, no professional engineering. Mainly acoustic guitar and vocals, nothing fancy, I aim for plain beauty on these tunes. Hope you like it and I would appreciate it if you chose to share it on your media!

Formed by Finnish singer-songwriter Jussi Alamikkelä, Ivory Woods reached the ears of its indie folk audience in 2017 with their debut album Ivory Woods. The album consisted of songs from the previous couple of years and was put together with help from producer Matias Kiiveri and fellow musicians Atte Loponen, Jeremia Kangas, Matias Haataja, Aapo-Matti Puhakka and Joni Seppänen. It presented a unique combination of solitary, nature inspired folk songs with deeply contemplative lyrics and the band’s built-in rock n’ roll flow that had been bringing them together for years.

The group headed back to Hollywood House studios, Helsinki, in November 2017 to record their second release, All the World Is Yours EP, which was released in February 2018.

After focusing on touring, writing new material and launching an unofficial series of home recordings called Timberline, the band released their newest single Flickering Light with b-side Sanctuary in early 2020. The release presented Ivory Woods in their current 9-piece form with six guitars. The sound keeps on growing.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
December 6, 2020

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