“This one, music,cross between chill out/drum and base, reminds me a lot of electronic releases that came out more than 20 years ago, love it. Love the mix of genres in one song, they are so rare and this one sound amazing, from rhythm parts, vocals, piano intro, synths, they sound retro, full of color, just amazing. ”

Juliander is a Swedish artist, songwriter and producer. With strong and emotional vocals personal lyrics and beautiful melodies, he can tell a story that will immerse you in his universe. A universe accompanied by analogue vintage synths, powerful drums and organic instruments to create an atmospheric and melancholic world.

We was written from the perspective of privilege. To be able to reminisce about the past as something beautiful is a massive privilege. Most people don't have an easy life and the only thing that matters is being able to have a future. There's also a perspective of the climate and how the world is reacting to the change. The younger generation is incredible vocal about all the issues whilst some of the powerful older generation don't see the importance of what is happening to our world. Feels like a generation is feeding us continuous lies and broken promises.

"We was born from a single sound and the lyrics came to me right away. It was written in a one take. Everything felt natural and it just flowed, the best feeling for a songwriter. I experimented a lot in the production and my favorite part is probably the instrumental after the second chorus, it just feels euphoric and I love it." - Juliander

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
September 16, 2022

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