“-Crossroads Again- amazing new EP from -Karin Fransson-. With the bright colors of acoustic, melodic music, vocal artistry and impressions that would catch your attention and steal your heart.”

“-Crossroads Again- c нового EP изумительной -Karin Fransson- это яркие краски из акустической, мелодичной музыки, артистичного вокала и воспоминаний, которые украдут ваше внимание и сердце. ”

Part of the "Commuter Diaries, Vol. 2" EP.

Few words behind this song inspiration that artist shared with Nagamag:

" - The first line is where the song started which I recorded into my phone walking on or off a train/tube in London some time (years) ago, just that first line. Last year I wrote the rest of the song which felt amazing and I think it may be a sentiment many people can relate to right now so I hope this song will help people feel optimistic about the future as it did for me. - " Karin Fransson

Karin Fransson is a London based Swedish singer songwriter & "pop starlet" creating new music and content as it pulsates through her.

Not easily put inside one box but this artist's work transcends genres and styles with stories painted with unusually beautiful melodies to captivate a wide audience into; soulful, jazzy, folky sometimes funky pop with an acoustic edge.

Seasoned session singer and live performer as well as producer with 4 self-releases under her belt.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 6, 2021

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