“Atmospheric and melodic quality work. The artist immerses her audience in the most pleasant state of mind. If you are looking for something relaxing and soothing, -Goodbye- is your right choice.”

“Качественная работа, атмосферное и мелодичное произведение, погружающих своих слушателей в самые приятные душевные состояния. Если в поисках чего-то релаксирующего и умиротворяющего, то -Goodbye- ваш выбор.”

A sassy chill-pop track written after a pandemic breakup. "You could be the world's last guy and I'd still say goodbye." Written by Los Angeles based singer/Songwriter Kat Kennedy and two close friends who helped her write the perfect diss track and breakup anthem for anyone who's been in a toxic relationship.

Pop singer/songwriter Kat Kennedy has toured extensively from Alaska to Brazil, sharing her compelling blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. After graduating Berklee College of music her collaborations with other artists and producers piqued the interest of fans and labels alike. Her 2016 TrapNation release with producer Channels titled "Flare" amassed over 6,000,000 plays across streaming platforms. Kat most recently released her single "Goodbye" in April 2021, the first of a series of emotional, story-telling pop songs.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 6, 2021

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