“An intoxicating blend of Americana Folk & Nordicana 'Born To Make You Happy' will appeal to a wide audience who appreciate beautifully constructed songs with a twist of Nashville. If this is the first time you have heard the uniquely melodic & hypnotic voice of 'Katnes' you are in for a real treat. The quality of her vocals will remind you of several huge country/pop stars of yesteryear such as Patsy Cline & Shania Twain, yet the song also has a current, contempory feel. You will fall in love with Katnes. Guaranteed.”


Can you let go of the fear of being alone? This beautiful song makes you want to think about what you want from your life and relationships. Katnes is a singer-songwriter from Finland and this is her second single release. Acoustic, dreamy setup with organic spices lets you breathe a bit deeper. Perfect for relaxing, meditating and chillin out with friends.


Kati Niemi, who records as Katnes, is an independent singer-songwriter who combines Nordic soundscapes and Finnish melancholy with americana country music. The end result is fresh indie-folk or what Norwegians call Nordicana. Katnes has been strongly influenced by vocalists like Adele, Birdy and Sara Bareilles. Combining those influences into her own unique voice and the tasty fingerstyle guitar playing of Petri Kuusela (Lanai), we can hear such warm, open and tasteful modern folk emerging from Finland.Kati