“At the beginning of the track, the melody of the Piano sets up on the subsequent emotional whirlwind of juicy and charming vocals -koka-, which elegantly emphasizes the atmosphere of Indie and Alt Pop.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия пианино в начале трека настраивает на последующий эмоциональный вихрь сочного и обворожительного вокала -KOKA-, который элегантно подчёркивается атмосферой Indie и Alt Pop.”


A silky piano opens the scene. A whirling synth and powerful vocals may sound melancholic, but then the twist...the result is a hugely encapsulating modern-day alt-pop song with its unexpected turns from minor to major. One more time, KOKA shows her audience that they haven't exploited her songwriting skills. Dedicated to those people in our lives whose incredible value will remain even when they are no anymore around.