“A light track, with excellent and substantial text. When you listen to such works, you begin to believe and agree that beauty will save this world. A song that can inspire and you will have the opportunity to reach the moon.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Лёгкий трек, с превосходным и содержательным текстом. Когда слушаешь такие работы, то начинаешь верить и соглашаться с тем, что красота спасёт этот мир. Песня, которая способна окрылить и у вас появится возможность дотянуться до луны.”


about the freedom one can find in their life calling. That purpose, that we often refuse to see, embrace, or sometimes never get to exploit fully, because of this distracting life experience…then one day something happens, a scary force drives one out of the safety net, into the divine unknown. Deliverance.