“Her vocals are beautiful, full with layers, deep, full of different vibes, depending of the verse of chorus lines, with just amazing string that follows. Bass line have a soul of its own, with the old school-ish rhythm section, fits perfectly with her vocals. Love the break, change of pace, with different spoken language, that it comes back with a verse, just great. ”


Leah Weller uses the springboard of mindfulness, levity and the glowing response to her newest music by releasing the nourishing, swaying soul of her debut album’s title track: Freedom.

Embroidered with threads of singing strings, warm blankets of brass and Weller’s own vocals cutting through the wall of sound with crystalline clarity, the song’s story is unambiguously relatable. Freedom arrived on the outswing of the singer-songwriter’s twenties, a hectic decade’s strands pulling together in the alternate, head spinning universe of societal shutdown and the forming of new, grown-up paths, each built stronger with the benefit experience.

Reflecting on the irresistible, richly-orchestrated song, she says: “Freedom is one song that developed through lockdown, a time that was so tough for so many people and I feel no nostalgia for. I read a book called ‘Letting Go’ which dealt with being aware of our consciousness, just one of many similar I’ve been inspired by, where authors deal with the idea of us freeing ourselves from our egoic minds. Like then, I still like the idea of this sense of freedom, especially during a lockdown.”

Announcing the release of her first album with the cultured, main stage soul of Wonder at the beginning of August, Freedom’s twelve tracks link arms and form a protective circle around Weller and anyone else unshackled, or looking to break free of the chains of uncertainty. Philosophical, inspired and unafraid, united with the support of producer and key writing collaborator, Steve Craddock, Weller’s self-belief grew during recording sessions that spanned 2020 and 2021 between studios in Surrey and Devon.

The single pushes the singer-songwriter one square closer to the release of her first long-player on Fri 21 October 2022 with Modern Sky UK.