“So many emotions, their real and endless stream and just a few lines of this Alt Pop track. It's just incredible! And everything seems to be extremely simple, there is nothing intricate, but it is so nice to listen to every sung -lévie -word.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Столько эмоций, их настоящий и нескончаемый поток и всего в нескольких строках этого alt pop трека. Это просто невероятно! И вроде бы всё предельно просто, нет ничего замысловатого, но так приятно вслушиваться в каждое спетое -Lévie- слово.”


Echo is upbeat song about having to tell the person you love what you mean to them even when it feels repetitive, and like you're stuck in a loop. The hook plays with the idea that sometimes saying I love you might feel "corny" or "too much," and the verses play into that motif.


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