“The - Lo Boii - return with their new soulful pop single - Maybe - . Tickling sound design of beautiful minimal layers that are playign with our ear senses, light harmonies and a good mood vibe which erupted by a heartwarming vocal performance. Not just - Maybe - certainly we enjoyed this into max! Essential! ”


Lo Boii's second single, off the duo's upcoming sophomore EP. Their previous single, Save Us, was featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds. They dig further into their 80s influences, paired with modern neo-soul vocals and production.

"When testing a relationship's limits goes wrong, you can get left in limbo, relationship purgatory, the 'Maybe'... maybe the love is strong enough to persevere... maybe not. Even if you're a little melancholy and lost in love, the vibe is right for you to dance to in the living room."


With instrumentally brilliant production from Aalias —co-producer of the Grammy-winning Eminem and Rihanna single "The Monster" —and shining falsetto runs from Corey Latif —a two-time Grammy-nominated songwriter who’s written for Usher, Musiq Soulchild, Faith Evans, and more— Lo Boii is a project made with soul from the ground up.

Lo Boii’s previously released singles “Floor Seats” and “Sweeter,” which blend faithful nods to the pair's influences with a distinct, surprising new flavor. Tracks like “Chakra” shine a light on the pair’s blend of old-school funk licks and soulful vocal runs with a wholly original take on modern electronica. Layered sheets of sound combine with an underlying steadiness to form a masterfully crafted mosaic, and gems like their electrofunk cover of “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals put Latif’s falsetto chops on full display.