“This warm sound will become your family. Such a viscous, slow and thoughtful, in some places pathetic. Music Indie Folk, which has its own character and its own idea that can fill the souls of the soul of those who listen to it.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот тёплый звук станет для вас родным. Такой тягучий, медленный и задумчивый, местами патетичный. Музыка Indie Folk, в которой есть свой характер и своя идея, способная наполнить светом души тех, кто послушает её.”


Half A Mind' is an indie folk tune in the style of The Lumineers and Fleet Foxes. It's about looking back on your childhood and where you came from, and about deciding how that will affect who you become.