“Very pleased with how much tremendous and subtle -Madeline Hawthorne- approached the construction of the melody. Each transition, saturated rhythm section and vocal parties are in their places. Positive arrangement of spirit and cheerfulness are guaranteed!”

“Очень радует насколько трепетно и тонко -Madeline Hawthorne- подошла к построению мелодии. Каждый переход, насыщенная ритм-секция и вокальные партии находятся на своих местах. Позитивное расположение духа и жизнерадостность гарантированы!”

“Boots” is Montana-based roots-rock singer-songwriter Madeline Hawthorne’s upbeat and honest debut solo single

“‘Boots’ is my introduction to the world as a solo artist,” Hawthorne shares in a press release. “The way the intro is stripped down to a guitar and my vocals, as well as the message of the song discussing women in the world and in the music industry, felt like a good representation of where I am as an artist today.”

The breakout single is accompanied by the release of Hawthorne’s first official music video. Shot in the midst of the pandemic, the video follows Hawthorne as she makes the best of a snowy evening quarantined at home with her husband is inspired by non other than her trusty boots and a well-poured Old Fashioned.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
August 28, 2021

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