“From the very first seconds Feed the wolf grabs your attention. Melodic, looping house is replaced by amazing male vocals. Marat Mode and Haptic have created a very elegant piece!”

“С самых первых секунд Feed the wolf притягивает к себе ваше внимание. Мелодичный, зацикленный хаус сменяет изумительный мужской вокал. Marat Mode и Haptic создали весьма изящное произведение!”

The theme that names this new release is "Feed The Wolf", in which Marat Mode collaborates with the Australian producer and vocalist Haptic, who has released music with artists such as Rafael Cerato or Marc de Pulse. This premiere follows a deep and progressive line, with a very prominent vocal from the Australian. Enai and Labert continue the concept of the original in their respective versions but giving it a more groovy vision by making changes to the percussion.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
January 12, 2021

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