Markus Brückner – Lonely Path

Markus Brückner – Lonely Path (Spotify)

Taken from Markus Brückner fresh ep release "Lonely path"
A cinematic songwriter with positive outlook.

Markus Brückner, studying classical and pop music, he moves between the worlds.

In order to be sure that his music can take a firm place in the local music market, he has prepared the current production with great care. It was important to him from the very beginning to be able to act independently as an artist and not to subordinate himself to a trend just to be able to swim in the current of supposed success.

He doesn't push himself, he lets you arrive in peace. His messages bear witness to a fragility that is not at all helpless, but rather preserves. Brückner does not lecture, he gives impulses with his lyrics.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
June 15, 2020

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