“With his tickling sound minimalism, like a Feather teasing your ears, and delightful dreaming warm vocals spreading around like rain drops in the leaves, Mart Avi creates a top dream pop song showcasing his sound design skills. In top of all that this wonderful video captures perfect the overall floating atmosphere here.”

Bouncing through filters of sultry ambient pop and futuristic funk, Estonian avant-pop auteur and electronic producer Mart Avi floats into the limelight with new single ‘Feather’, taken from his forthcoming LP “Vega Never Sets”.

Combining a sense of wonder with a sensual sheen, ‘Feather’ seems to emerge from a soaring daydream. Yet Mart Avi is in his most alert state here as he dissolves syncopated beats, post-digital timbres and short-circuited croons into a lighter-than-air now-pop ballad. “Like a sheet of paper folded into a cylinder holds up to dozens of kilograms, and animated characters defy gravity, ‘Feather’ presents its physique in a gentle manner,” he says.

Accompanying the main track are two alternative versions with warped phasing as well as “an ocular version” – that is, a video made using the game creation system ‘Dreams’ on PlayStation 4. Created by Avi and Ivar Murd, the visual saturates the single’s elusive charge with surrealist horizons, serene vistas, and encounters with Jungian dream figures.

Avi has been busy creating more hyperkinetic realms for us to drift into, just like a feather. The single is a taster of what can be expected when the full LP “Vega Never Sets” lands on 27th November via Porridge Bullet.

Avant-pop auteur and electronic music producer Mart Avi has carved an “outernational” musical space for himself – something akin to a sonic spider spinning puzzles on the World Wide Web with each new project. His highly acclaimed work includes both solo and band albums as well as some weirdly wonderful pop tunes in collaboration with Ajukaja, the reverend of Estonia’s adventurous underground. His records have been awarded with the Best Electronic Album and Album of the Year critics wins in his homeland whilst his live performances have been acknowledged for their theatricality and inventiveness.

“Unlike with a lot of conceptronica, Mart Avi’s thoughtful thoughts don’t get in the way of the seduction effect.“ – Simon Reynolds

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
November 2, 2020

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