“Very balanced and harmonic classical piece, with positive mood. Charming singing that guides you through a soothing experience. Your soul elixir has a name and it’s called; “Spirit”. “Maryen Cairns” unfolds her talent in this mix and the video looks really fantastic too.”

One of the consequences of relocation from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere, followed by the onset of widespread lockdown and restriction of travel, has been ongoing deep solitary introspection and self reflection, and an in-depth communion with God & nature and the search for Spiritual comfort.

This journey has resulted, for singer songwriter Maryen Cairns, in the creation of this downtempo stirring ballad that is “Spirit”, especially in this stripped back piano based “Alt-Mix” version, which is being released first as a single.

Recorded entirely by herself with piano, acoustic guitar & strings, Maryen then sent Spirit to her producer and mentor Chris Kimsey across the channel in London, where he added his magic touches and co-mixed.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 1, 2021

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