“Such tracks need to be listened to at maximum volume in order to completely feel how the music makes your way under your skin and you become its whole. Just incredible depths of vocals, the rhythms of World Music, Afrobeats and the charm of the Neo-Soul genre. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Такие треки нужно слушать на максимальной громкости, чтобы полностью ощутить, как музыка пробирается вам под кожу и вы становитесь её целым. Просто невероятной глубины вокал, ритмы World Music, Afrobeats и очарование жанра Neo-Soul.”

Taken from his album " Tounen nan rasin " released last November, the Canadian singer of Haitian origin Mister Drê-D, in his suave voice, presents " Pouki ", a new version of the song " Why " in English and Creole.

This fusion between the two languages is a good representation of the diversity and crossbreeding of urban music today. " Pouki " is an afrosoul piece in the same vein as what is currently being done in Afro-Nigerian urban music with Caribbean influences in the sounds.

"Pouki" (meaning "why" in english) is about an artist who loves his art, but gets caught up in the whirlwind of the music industry to the point of compromising his soul for a bit of recognition and glory.

This master piece written by Mister Drê-D, composed by Noel Mpiaza, mixed and mastered by Maxime Philippe is just in time for spring. Indeed, the images of the clip shot by PeeZee transports us to a tropical landscape where bewitching, sensual and groovy rhythms will warm up your atmosphere as a prelude to the summer season.

Distributed by Distrokid, " Pouki " is now available on all digital platforms. The artist has also concocted a Spotify playlist that accompanies this piece where we find some songs that embrace this musical lineage.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 11, 2022

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