“"Moodssupply" brings the original Disco atmosphere directly into your... House! Are you a retromaniac? Maybe someone who has never grown up? You are not alone! "Touch" is all you were waiting for. Put on your headphones and travel back in time.”

It's time for love! Breaking through social distancing with our “Touch”, an old-school soulful disco track that will make you go hmmm! A touch of good old strings & horns to fuel that classic vibe right into your system, with powerhouse vocals to burn the dance floor up and fill your heart with natural high and make your spine shiver. This tasty track is jet another stone in the lake to pebble our way back to the dance floor where once the magic happened. Surely we'll meet you there again soon!

Moodssupply is a Dutch Studio Experience Extravaganza, using studio musicians from all over the world to compose songs. Mike Chandon is the producer, creates lyrics & rhymes and performs all male vocals. For completion, Mastering sound engineer and producer Noah Bryce adds his magic during Post-Production and Mastering, developing our unique Moodssupply sound.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 11, 2021

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