Shape of Light is a deep cinematic emotional theme with mystery and tension, the brilliant sound design of synths and vocals here deliver an epic feeling, while it initially gives you a dark feeling, it finally release you to the light side.

Artist share with us few words behind this song:
"This is a song I composed when I lost someone I really loved. When she was dying she was talking about this light she was seeing but was not able to walk into. I wanted to compose this song to make her departure easier and she got the chance to listen to it before leaving us. I got the chance to have my beautiful colleague and friend from the Royal College of Music "Yiorgo Ioannou" joining me on this track who added an amazing oriental touch to it."

Few words about Morgane Matteuzzi:
Morgane studied Opera at the Royal College of Music in London. Subsequently, moved to Berlin to work on various projects with artists from this city. She fell in love with the open mindedness and spirit of the people living there. Morgane has always loved experimenting with extremes and blending sounds that one would not normally expect to be combined in order to create truly alternate and vivid compositions. Her specialty is to blend her distorted vocals with her operatic vocals. She is very versatile and loves fusing everything that moves her together to create a unique bubble; its own universe.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
August 1, 2020

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