“The crazy melodic line and vocals -nicemark- in the atmosphere of Funk and Lo-Fi Pop, which came to our world from a parallel universe, otherwise there is no other explanation why this track is so unusual and original!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Сумасшедшая мелодическая линия и вокал -Nicemark- в атмосфере Funk и Lo-fi Pop, которые пришли в наш мир из параллельной вселенной, иначе нет другого объяснения, почему этот трек настолько необычен и оригинален!”


Waves is the sticky and sensual single by way the of Toronto's Nicemark. Hued by R&B falsettos, fuzzed out guitars, and a rumping rhythm section, the tune is evokes the sensations of making love during a heat wave. Sweaty and sticky, you can't seem to stop yourself from getting soaked.