“The melody of this composition is a real unbogged diamond in the casket of the jewelry of your discography. Music, which tries to squeeze into the narrow framework of the stream of harmony with the universe and helps to find the balance of the soul and body. You are in good hands of a talented author. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия этой композиции настоящий неограненный алмаз в шкатулке драгоценностей вашей дискографии. Музыка, которая старается втиснуться в узкие рамки потока гармонии со вселенной и помогает найти баланс души и тела. Вы в хороших руках талантливого автора.”

Singer-songwriter and actor Noah Reid today released the third single, Minneapolis, from his upcoming album, Adjustments, available to stream HERE. Adjustments, Reid’s third album, is set to release on June 24.

Written during Reid’s time on the road, Minneapolis paints a detailed picture of the mundane, and sometimes lonely, moments on tour. The track demonstrates Reid’s incisive storytelling ability, with each lyric drawing immense meaning from the most granular details.

Noah Reid has earned a permanent place in the music industry as a result of his powerful vocals and honest delivery. Evident on his debut album Songs from a Broken Chair (2016) and sophomore album Gemini (2020), which collectively have garnered 145 million streams, two nominations at the 2022 Canadian Folk Music Awards in the Songwriter of the Year and New / Emerging Artist of the Year categories and landed Noah on four Billboard charts. Reid’s songwriting style is reminiscent of singer-songwriters of the seventies but with a contemporary twist, resulting in a signature polished, albeit slightly rusted over, tone. Minneapolis is the third single from Reid’s highly-anticipated, forthcoming third record Adjustments which is set to release June 24, 2022.

As an actor, Reid is best known for playing "Patrick" in the Emmy-winning comedy series Schitt's Creek, for which he won a Screen Actors Guild Award, along with the cast, for 'Best Ensemble.' He can currently be seen in Brian Watkins 'Amazon series Outer Range opposite Josh Brolin, Imogen Poots and Lewis Pullman and on Broadway as the lead of Tracy Letts' play The Minutes, which opened to rave reviews earlier this month.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 10, 2022

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