“The merger of blues and rock of music, which in an emotional stream pours from you from the mouth -ollee owens-. Test on yourself all that enormous power of her voice, which echoes your soul and feel what important things it sings about.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Слияние блюза и рок музыки, которое в эмоциональном потоке льётся на вас из уст -Ollee Owens-. Испытайте на себе всю ту огромную мощь её голоса, которая перекликается с вашей душой и почувствуйте, о каких важных вещах она поёт.”


With a lyrical mastery that speaks on all of life’s moments paired with a dynamic voice that reveals a well-traveled soul and the burning embers of passion within, Ollee Owens is a musical force of nature. Her 2021 breakout single “Every Step of the Way,” followed by the rock-tinged reckoning of her 2022 release, “Edge of Goodbye,” have both firmly set her intentions as a talented artist who deals in authenticity, openness, and honesty paving the way for a lasting musical connection.

From smoldering intro to blazing end, Owens’ latest single, “Raging Fire,” lends an important warning. Reflecting on her grandma’s influence, Owens states, “She used to say that our tongues have the power to burn folks to the ground…it is so important to watch what we say or we may find ourselves helplessly standing by as the consequences of thoughtless words take full effect.” Out of harsh lessons learned through personal experience, Owens calls listeners to be mindful of what “cannot be unheard.”

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