“How often do you think that life is a stream of endless impulses, headed by her Majesty through music. ‘On the Horizon’ invites you to immerse yourself in your sonic vibrations.”

“Как часто вы задумываетесь о том, что жизнь – это поток бесконечных импульсов, во главе которых её величество музыка. ‘On the Horizon’ предлагает вам погрузиться с головой в свои звуковые вибрации.”

On the Horizon’ is the second track from Koresma & edapollo’s new EP. The tune contrasts the first single by delving into a pool of downtempo bliss. ‘On the Horizion’ features detailed guitar layering, ear candy synths, fresh vocal cuts, and a blend of textures arranged around the pulsating and hypnotic rhythms.

Naturally all this external influence came as a strong motivator to create some positive music that reflects on the past events as well as how our actions can impact the future of our environment. To push this further, both producers will be splitting the Bandcamp revenue for the first month of sales between two charities supporting fire relief in Australia and California. The charities are:

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
December 19, 2020

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