“In this classic Folk Rock, a pleasant minimalism is felt that manifests itself in the lyrics. There are many rich images, ideas and meaning in the text, and they are performed -patrick ames - quite briefly and concisely. It's nice to listen and enjoy the work of this quality.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этом классической folk rock композиции чувствуется приятный минимализм, который проявляется в лирике. В тексте много богатых образов, идей и смысла и исполнены они -Patrick Ames- довольно кратко и лаконично. Приятно слушать и получать удовольствие от работы такого качества.”

Artist said about this song

"The refrain came in an instant. I don’t know from where but maybe a result of my constant doom-scrolling on the mobile. World news is tough to digest but one message kept coming back during this dark times: no people were supreme. After the first take it started to sound like the Doors and then it became a magnet for more similes as we progressed. I put in some trippy lyrics for 1960’s Jim Morrison, and Jon Ireson, the producer, piled on with vinyl record scratches to start the track. Jon’s instrumentation is both present and supportive, a difficult task with such subject matter. At the end I wanted to showcase the refrain and its ability to make the listener sing the words, repeat the phrase, and make it true if only by repetition. To be frank, I wish this had been written so many decades ago – maybe it would have done some good by now."

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
June 26, 2022

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