“Preethevibes with his new single - Like Flies - into VA Records/PARA Aris imprint please us once more with his solid harmonic vibes and his raucous, wide, sensural vocals.”

Preethevibes opens this song with a cry for social justice in Dance Hall fashion. Jamaican producer Jungle Ratt partners with the group for this Dance Hall anthem against police violence and international injustice. The single is geared to hit Jamaican airwaves within the next month.

A combination of heart, mind, body & soul, Preethevibes consists of bandmates PARA, KNGLVN, JUS-Q and MILIO. The NYC based indie group emerges out of a multi-cultured melting pot of sound and visuals, combining the foundations of Jamaican Dance Hall and Ghanaian based Afrobeats with the electronic dance culture of NYC’s Lower East Side.

Their "go against the grain" attitude and defiant vocal styles create the perfect recipe for unheard, undiscovered musical patterns and ear-bending audiences.

The group continues to compose and collaborate as an independent entity, releasing projects such as their debut singles "Good Good", "Get Down" and "New Day". The four man band persists to make an impact on the independent scene as they plan the release of their debut EP.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 26, 2021

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