“The melodic Indie Rock, whose instrumental passages are beautifully woven into the overall structure of the song. Cuts and priests are clearly heard here and all together creates a very soft, relaxed and warm sound.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодичный Indie Rock, чьи инструментальные пассажи красиво вплетены в общую структуру песни. Здесь отчётливо слышны куплеты и припевы и всё вместе это создаёт очень мягкое, расслабленное и тёплое звучание.”


"Hard to Believe" is the first track on the upcoming EP, White Picket Fences by Proof I Exist, a one-man band from Cleveland, Ohio. Follow the link below for a private listen of all 4 songs on this release. We hope that you will consider sharing this song or writing a review of the full album. See the artist bio below for more info on Proof I Exist. Thank you!