“-Reevah- once again pleases us with good and honest music, in which there is no place for falsehood and disharmony. You will hear the exceptional strength and beauty of vocals, a very high-quality rhythm of Dream Pop and a good, positive energy! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Reevah- в очередной раз радует нас хорошей и честной музыкой, в которой нет места фальши и дисгармонии. Вы услышите исключительной силы и красоты вокал, очень качественную ритм-секцию Dream Pop и хорошую, положительную энергетику!”



On the track ‘You Said, Tell Me’ Reevah explains “This track has a light-hearted conversational element to it. It's about rediscovering yourself after a transitional time. The track eludes to themes of personal change, growth and love, it questions feelings and connections with people. Being torn between the person you were and the one that you are ever becoming.”