“Holy Pig Records and Ricardo Alcantara & Loüs present a new, energetic work in the Progressive House genre - Waiting, beautiful melodic line and heartwarming vocals here.”

“Holy Pig Records и Ricardo Alcantara & Loüs представляют новую, энергичную работу в жанре Progressive House - Waiting.”

The track is inspired by melodic techno and melodic house, seeking to integrate these underground genres into a commercial dance track.

This track is inspired by the English rave culture led by artists like Camelphat and Gorgon City.

The story is inspired by a girl in a "toxic" relationship, where both share a strong love for each other but her boyfriend is not willing to have a serious relationship and they both know they have to end but neither takes the step, until now. the girl decides to finally cut

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
January 5, 2021

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