“Many things in life aren't as they look like. Fake images and behaviours can be almost everywhere around us. A selected song from Rosalie can help you realise this truth or probably find out your own true story. Adult Contemporary mood at its best, guided by the artist's unique ghostly-like voice!”

Artist shared few words with nagamag about this song:

"Hologram Refracted is the alt version of my latest pop single Hologram. It's strips away the electronic drums and more commercial pop dressings of the original version to put a spotlight on the singer-songwriter soul of the song. This one is a little extra special to me because it's the first track I'm releasing that I've produced myself. In a full circle moment, I made it while quarantining in my childhood bedroom. It's the same room I learned how to play guitar at 16. The room I fell in love with music. The room where I wrote my first song. And now the room where I made my self-produced release."

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 2, 2021

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