RossAlto – My Sun

RossAlto – My Sun (Spotify)

This is the second release from RossAlto, a minimal downtempo electronic track filled with nostalgic drops, laid back groove, soft piano and dream vocals. RossAlto was interested & fascinated by music since his first steps. The main incentive for that, was his dad, musician & singer, taught him that music is a lifetime, challenging & marvelous kinda thing. He started his journey by playing the piano. Soon his attention was caught by electronic & house music. RossAlto managed to become a different, curious DJ, who had the ability to enjoy the audience, by adapting his music to each crowd's pulse, while indicating his alternative & clever taste. In parallel he was a main radio producer for several years. What's next to come? RossAlto has been exploring for a few years now, the sectors of producing, remixing and remaking mostly regarding electronic tracks and the time came, to share his point of view for exceptional music with the world.