“Pure enjoyment of musical drinks that Ryan Keen pours generously into invisible glasses, intoxicating us with his music and performance. A rhythmic, acoustic ballad that can dissolve any sadness and give an ocean of positive emotions.”

“Чистое наслаждение музыкальными напитками, которые так щедро разливает по невидимым бакалам -Ryan Keen-, опьяняя нас, простых слушателей, своей музыкой и исполнением. Красивая, ритмичная, акустическая баллада, способная растворить любую печаль и подарить океан положительных эмоций.”

After having announced his anticipated comeback with “Every Time”, co-written by Ed Sheeran, followed up by the pop ballad “I Won’t Give Up”, Ryan Keen returns with the new single “Muscle Memory” - a break-up song, wishing the best for someone else but feeling like the hurt is etched in your subconscious.

Written in LA with his friend Corey Harper, Ryan recorded it in London. He comments: “We wrote the song after discussing how strange it is that you can have your life so intertwined with someone, and then it all suddenly disappear “I find it strange we’re strangers, we were so close not so long ago"

Singer-songwriter, surfer, and mental health advocate, South Devon-born Ryan Keen has written and toured with Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner, Leona Lewis, and Tom Odell, to name a few.

‘Room For Light’ - his debut album - ranked in singer-songwriter iTunes global charts, which led to a sell-out UK tour and two headline tours in Europe.

Ryan’s passion for mental health led him to work with I Am Whole and later lead Movember’s music and mental health projects. Ryan started a charity specifically focused on mental health within the music industry, which will be launching this year.

Ryan co-wrote Noah Kahan’s single “Animal”, as well as writing with Corey Harper, Jasmine Thompson, Jacob Banks, and Kolidescopes. Today he’s happy to be releasing new music for himself, “leading up to an album release in 2022.”, he adds.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 21, 2022

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