“Safran Safari and his single Read My Mind are deep yet melodic house music beats. Atmospheric vocals, dense, thick synthesized sound, harmonious effects and light drums.”

“Safran Safari и его сингл Read My Mind, это глубокие и в то же время мелодичные ритмы хаус-музыки. Атмосферный вокал, плотный, густой синтезированный звук, гармоничные эффекты и лёгкие ударные.”

Safran Safari is a Berlin-based producer duo made of Daniel Rünzi and Riccardo Destratis. With club concerts all over the world, productions for artists like Ostblockschlampen and releases on well-known labels like Spinnin’ Records they have a long-lasting experience in electronic music. And are now partnering up for one mission: producing the finest chill music around.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
January 30, 2021

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