“Yes, certainly you can lean on this modern pop song by Simona Vinternatt. "Lean On Me" which released by Vinternatt Studio, gets into the point quick with a bright acoustic guitar and key arps and whole atmosphere blossoms when vocals starts. Good vibes here! ”

Few words about Simona Vinternatt:
Simona Vinternatt is a Swedish artist and songwriter.

Her captivating music showcases her phenomenal ability to convey emotion. She charms the listener with her unique voice, intertwined with reassuring melodies and a modern, dreamy, harmonious pop sound. It helps us discover that our struggles aren't valleys we just need to suffer through - but can be a powerful resource for personal growth.

Her storytelling has already captured thousands of listeners around the world, and more music is always in the making to be shared.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
September 1, 2020

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