“Choose "Lounge Love" and welcome a breeze of fresh air in your place. Your exclusive sound, which opens the gate to another dimension. Lured by the careful mix of sound layers, every listener can recognize the value of this single.”

Lounge Love is the first single off of Introspection.lofi that will make you dig into a deeper part of your soul. Driving house beats, hard hitting bass lines, reverb filled synths & lo-fi guitars will make listeners melt into their seat while also having them dance. With influences from house music, lo-fi and artists like Ross from Friends, Kaytranada, Glue70, Folamour and more - be prepared to look into yourself almost meditatively to find things about yourself you may not have seen before.

Sink Slow creates majestic, sensual, joyous atmospheres that cause listeners to travel to places within their memories, before experiencing release on the dance floor. Pulling from a touring rock background prior to switching to production, Sink Slow adds original bass, guitar, and keys to his tracks, creating depth that allows for layers of emotion within a moment of sound.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 19, 2021

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