“Colaborative work that can positively affect every listener. It demonstrates the truth that no progress can be achieved without effort, persistence and also patience. Inspirational singing, which motivates you to pursue the divine.”

If there’s one word that captures the essence of “Me in The Middle” it has to be the word motivation, and this music video sums it all up for us visually. We find SJUR amidst snow covered mountains hiking to the top with his DJ set, whilst Nordic gymnast champion Odin Kalvø tries to master a new tricky choreography. Trying to show the viewers different forms of achievement, SJUR hopes this will make you motivated enough to go that extra mile. Or try that acrobatic flip. The video is directed by Peter Bruteig.

Due to the pandemic the video shoot was postponed again and again and again. And then again. Initially the team wanted to feature a professional swimmer, but due to restrictions this turned out to be impossible. So, when going a second round on what else could be fun to involve gymnastics ended up being an easy choice as it’s a sport SJUR has been dabbling with himself. He has personally felt how the motivation and self-esteem can vary within a field like this which made him personally invested in this project. The beautiful mountains and view from the top of Midtsæterfjellet was of course a bonus too.

“It was quite fun to film this music video. Absolutely magical. Wish I had my downhill skis with me so that I could ride down again» – SJUR.

Odin is captain of the Norwegian national men’s gymnastics team and won the Nordic championship in 2018. When asked how important music if for him whilst training he shares that it would be impossible for him to go through a long training session without it. It’s the first time he takes part in a music video and gets to share his passion accompanied by music in this way.

“The shoot went very well! It was fun to see how professional the set up was. The gymnastic turn that I managed at the end of the video is a piece that is very stressful on the body and I only had a few in me. I’m excited that it turned out the exact way I wanted it too” – Odin Kalvø.


Director/DoP – Peter Bruteig Henriksen
Producer – Martine Lovas
Creative – Christine Francis Betten
Lighting – Tobias Johnsgård
Tech assistant – Sondre Tollefsen
Editor – Peter Bruteig Henriksen
Drone & Mountain footage – Varde Film


Sjur – Himself
The Athlete – Odin Kalvø

Thank you

Oslo Turnforening
Varde Film

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 31, 2021

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