“In track -Journey- you discover emotion, melodies, and, most importantly, the right vocal harmonies. All that gives makes music soulful. Very powerful vocals in the tradition of old-school hip-hop artists for a bright screen that hides a kind soul.”

“В -Journey- есть эмоция, мелодика и, что самое важное, вокальные гармонии. Всё это придаёт музыке душевность. Очень мощный вокал, в лучших традициях старой школы hip-hop исполнителей, за яркой ширмой которых прячется добрая душа.”

Skripture Re-Emerges Releasing His Highly Anticipated Music Video

The South West London Rapper/Producer Is Back on The Rap Scene With More Creativity and Drive

Skripture is dropping his first music video today, “Journey” to kick start the campaign on his latest EP Bally. With 2 EP releases already this year, Multi-talented Skripture gives us his first visuals to his thought-provoking single.

“Journey” is produced, written and mixed and mastered by Skripture. The song contains poignant lyrics revealing the vicious cycle of life when coming from the inner city of London, the bad and ugly and the long-lasting impacts it has on the heart, mind and soul. How you have to keep moving forward, even if you’re afraid, things aren’t fair or you don’t know where you’re gonna end up.

“It was inspired by the surroundings I grew up in and how they affected my decision making in situations that could have ended up with me paying a heavy price. Even though I knew better I still put myself in those situations. It’s a very personal track, hopefully people will see the message I was trying to portray with the concept.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 23, 2021

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