“If you live and breathe for instrumental music, and the vibration of the piano strings fills your blood with oxygen, then the album -The Earth Opened Wide- is your choice. Special attention to composition -Mindscape- which deeply touched us ...”

“Если вы живёте и дышите инструментальной музыкой, а вибрация струн фортепиано наполняет вашу кровь кислородом, то альбом -The Earth Opened Wide- ваш выбор. Особое внимание удостоена композиция -Mindscape-. Мы были тронуты до глубины души...”

Mindscape is a piece for piano. Mindscape was inspired by 1920s sci fi films. Theres something about the idea that worlds exist inside our minds, and there just existing. Like all Skyler Loyds music, its contemporary classical.

Skyler Loyd is a Neo-Classical / New Age Musician and Composer primarily based out of Farmington, New Mexico. Loyd's music clashes with Experimental as well as Ambient soundscapes. Loyd's primary instrument is Piano, but he grew up playing Violin and Cello.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 20, 2021

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